St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
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Digital Learning


Mr. J Paterson (PT Digital Technologies)


Digital Learning Update 2021/2022

All pupils should now be in possession of an iPad, charger and charging cable. 

It is important that pupils remember to adhere to the following expectations whilst in possession their iPad:

  • Bring both the iPad and the supplied charger into school every day unless told otherwise. The iPad should be charged fully at the start of each day. 
  • The iPad should be looked after carefully at all times and ensure it is kept within its supplied case and store it in an appropriate school bag. 
  • Immediately report any technical problems, damage, loss or theft to the school office or to a class teacher. 


iPads are an excellent addition to the learning and teaching within our classrooms. iPads can be used to enhance pupils experiences and allow them to express themselves like never before. It is extremely important that the iPad comes to school with an appropriate charge and therefore giving your young person the best chance to take part in planned lessons within the school. 

The full list of expectations can be found on the User Agreement Form below:

Home Agreement Form


If any parent/carer has any enquiries or questions on how digital learning will affect you then please e-mail James Paterson on or contact the school office.