St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
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Pastoral Care

All staff in St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School have a clear responsibility for the welfare of young people. In addition, all young people are given a Pastoral Care teacher on entering the school.  This provides a vital link between home and school as the pastoral care teacher has an ‘all-round’ picture of a pupil’s progress and general health and well-being. In most cases, a parent’s first point of contact with the school will be the pastoral care teacher.


Other support for pupils is provided by class tutors in the first 10 minutes of each day and by the Inclusion Team, School Counsellor and a Youth Worker, as required.


We are fully committed to meeting the needs of all pupils and hold regular meetings at which we plan for those who might benefit from additional support.  Full discussion is held with parents and carers and outcomes are planned and agreed in partnership.



          Mr. C Tracey                  Miss F Alexander               Mrs. T Wilkin
      (St Andrew House)           (St Bendedict House)          (St Catherine House)