St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
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Developing Young Workforce


Mrs. K Smith (DYW PT)

Mrs. I Yuile (MCR Co-ordinator)

Ms A Murphy (DYW Co-Ordinator)


Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is the Scottish Government’s Youth Employment strategy to better prepare young people for the world of work.

The employer-led Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups set up across Scotland are connecting employers with education.

MCR Pathways

MCR is dedicated to eliminating the education, job choices, and life chances gap that exits between care-experienced young people and their peers. We know that all young people are talented, but instability and severe disruptions at home make it massively more challenging for young people in or on the edge of the care system to succeed.

A large body of evidence shows that MCR mentoring is radically transforming educational outcomes for our nation’s care-experienced and vulnerable young people. Our aim is to reach every young person across the country, who has experienced disadvantage, with our programme and provide them with the tools and support they need.

The Government is now being called on to simply make MCR mentoring a permanent feature of the education system and a right for every care-experienced pupil. The Care Review has emphasised the necessity of incorporating education, third sector and other caring adults into the reformed structure of the nation’s Care System and mentoring is an essential part of this delivery.