St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
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Wider Achievement


Mr. M Walker - PT Wider Achievement
Mr. K Tinney
Mrs R Anderson

Wider Achievement permeates school life at St Margaret mays Secondary School. There are a vast array of rich experiences available to young people to enhance subject based learning. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is available to senior pupils and financial support is given alongside mentoring and support from staff in all aspects of the award. The school has a thriving Eco committee and there are numerous opportunities for engagement in Eco activities, campaigns, projects, clubs and visits. Cycling Ambassadors in the school are lobbying for help and funding to support active travel to and from school. We are currently working on obtaining safe, dry storage for bikes and have started a cycling club. Volunteering opportunities such as Caritas, Mark Scott Leadership Award and a huge array of extra-curricular clubs are also available to pupils

S1 Wider Achievement Classes

Young people at St Margaret Marys are timetabled for one period per week of Wider Achievement. During this period young People will work on The John Muir Award, JASS and coming soon will Children’s University. These awards encourage pupils to learn in a personalised manner out-with the classroom environment. Wider Achievement Periods are used to help, guide and support Young people to build skills, knowledge and positive experiences into their lifestyles.

S3/S4 Wider Achievement Classes

Wider Achievement is designed to help learners to succeed in today’s world. It promotes the development of skills that come from a wide range of activities which include Community involvement, Health and Survival, Information Handling, The Environment, The World of Work and many more. There are a variety of opportunities for young people to achieve certificates and qualifications in additional practical activities such as Heart Start (First Aid), Enterprise certificates, John Muir Award, Conservation Badges and Cycling activities. The course is evidence based and collated over S3 and S4. Pupils work towards achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold ASDAN Personal Development qualifications. Wider Achievement is a flexible course and is tailored to the needs of the class wherever possible.