St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
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School Uniform - Archive

Our school uniform promotes a real sense of school identity, shared values, self-confidence and a shared sense of community.

The uniform is actively supported by our pupils, parents and the Parent Council and is of great benefit to our young people.


The school uniform is:

  • Formal black leather school shoes or plain black ‘trainers’ with no coloured badges, logos, laces or soles (black socks/tights).
  • Formal white school shirt with collar (no blouses, polo shirts, T shirts).
  • Plain black school trousers or skirt of appropriate length (NO jeans, leggings, jogging bottoms, shorts etc.).
  • Plain black ‘V neck’ jumper or cardigan.
  • Plain black blazer with school badge and lower school tie for all S1-S4 pupils
  • Black blazer with blue braiding and school badge and senior tie for all S5/6 pupils.


The school ties are available from the school office and the blazer supplier visits the school on

an annual basis.  

The school office can advise on how to obtain a blazer outwith this time.


PE Kit


It is important that pupils come prepared to learn and for PE this requires appropriate clothing.  All jewellery should be removed.  Pupils who are not participating in PE must have a medical certificate.  

Pupils who are unable to participate in practical PE should still bring their kit to allow them to assist in the lesson by refereeing, keeping scores or assisting with the distribution of equipment.  This ensures that they are still able to take part in some way in the work of the class and do not miss out on the knowledge and understanding of the course.


There are forms of dress that are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:


  • Potentially encourage factions (such as football colours)
  • Could cause offence(such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)
  • Could cause health and safety difficulties(such as loose fitting clothing, jewellery)
  • Could cause damage to flooring
  • Carry advertising particularly for alcohol or tobacco
  • Could be used to inflict damage on other pupils